Publishing ( editorial ) system CouMeS

Allows you to easily and without any programming knowledge to create and update dynamic web pages from simple text edits to insert images , links , tables or creation of interactive forms. The technologies used are PHP 5.4, database MySQL 5.5, Apache rewrite, CSS3, HTML 5, jQuery, CKEditor 4.x and more.

A brief overview of the current features :

  • Graphic editor Articles
  • Managing secured sections
  • file Management
  • Personalization (more administrators and editors )
  • Customize websites using parameters
  • Online Store
  • Statistics show individual articles and pages
  • language versions
  • Unlimited range site (length articles)
  • Unlimited web structure
  • Photo Gallery
  • advertising banners
  • Unlimited creating contact forms
  • File Management downloads
  • Full text search
  • Managing news
  • Manage your own question and answer questionnaires and their export to CSV
  • Management of references
  • Unlimited variability and structure of the menu
  • Option to turn on / off the display of content pages , or menu
  • Backing up and restoring content
  • Extensibility via modules
  • User Configuration SEO
  • Multilanguage User Interface
  • Multi-level security management
  • Calendar of Events
  • Managing images in templates
  • Unlimited ability to assign any mutations to graphic template
  • Internally, the entire interconnected and integrated
  • and more

Upcoming features

  • own forum
  • reservation
  • and more

Due to the high flexibility of our professional content management system CouMeS useful tool for both small and medium-sized companies and operators portals that require high demands on system functions.

CMS can be deployed for the management of large news sites thanks to features typical of CMS, as authors of articles, photos , ad management system , and more.

Present yourself to the world in a language they understand - if your products or services can be ordered by people from abroad , thanks to the publication system, you can use an unlimited number of language versions of public web sites and even administration, if the above content management cooperate at the international level, which can be thanks to the administrators of the administration.

Almost unlimited extension of your website operated by the publishing system will be your competitive advantage ! The system can easily add a professional online store advertising system , extensive discussion forum, configurators , export or import data and many other extensions .



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Professional content management system

by IT experts


Professional CMS CouMeS. Allows you to easily and quickly create a professional presentation with a number of options of integrated options. Everything is integrated and linked together. Security against unauthorized interference in the content, or protection from attack is resolved silently.