A simple content management system

From our experience and that of our existing customers continues to perform comparisons of competing content management system with our system and we still CouMeS of it clearly comes CouMeS as a system with which you can really work . It can work with it from the first contact with him even if you have no experience with a similar system .

We believe that minimalism how many times can harm the way to the result. Therefore, our system is minimalist , but logically structured.

If you want to make some part of the page, you create a control for this purpose. He then connect with the rest of the page elements at the same location or where you want to connect . No need to jump in control here and there and find a way how to connect . Everything has its logical location for interconnection and integration. Site content is therefore recognized separately , but all can eventually simply connected.

The result is fast and can work with the system. You can concentrate on the contents and it should primarily go.


Are you satisfied with the content management system of your site?



Professional content management system

by IT experts


Professional CMS CouMeS. Allows you to easily and quickly create a professional presentation with a number of options of integrated options. Everything is integrated and linked together. Security against unauthorized interference in the content, or protection from attack is resolved silently.