CMS CouMeS my full range of security . It may be adjusted freely , on or off as needed webmaster .

Comprehensive security system :

  • blocking words - This setting allows you to block certain words that users type into comments or other public input fields.
  • blocking emails - with this setting when entering e-mails performs on- line monitoring of their existence. This allows you to prevent insertion of incorrect or false emails.
  • email validation - automatically runs test for duplicate emails during the registration
  • Blocking IP addresses - this option allows you to block access to sites from specified IP addresses of visitors
  • blocking spammers - with this option, the pages are protected from computers that send spam. List of spammers automatically updates online and there is no need to worry about him somehow .
  • blocking countries - this option allows you to block visitors from specific countries
  • blocking proxy - addresses this option it is possible to block visitors from so-called proxy servers. Proxy servers are often used by attackers .
  • protection with IDS - IDS detects Cross -site scripting ( XSS ), SQL injection , header injection , Directory traversal, Remote File Execution , Local File Inclusion , Denial of Service (DoS ) . Provides protection against an attack by analyzing all of the selected input variables , such as POST , GET, SESSION , COOKIE .
  • protection using DNSBL - DNSBL Security allows you to block people coming from IP addresses that are listed on the black list DNSBL
  • Password protect content - website content such as articles , page, photo gallery , downloads can be protected with a password

Security Pay attention and constantly improve it . However, the system does not secure the salvation of all and it needs to link the security of the hosting server where Will and page system installed . Only in this way will be a meaningful security .


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Professional CMS CouMeS. Allows you to easily and quickly create a professional presentation with a number of options of integrated options. Everything is integrated and linked together. Security against unauthorized interference in the content, or protection from attack is resolved silently.