Options Content Management System

The system is closed and coherent . This makes it possible to provide a simple coherence and clarity connections. Jedině such option shall ensure the full and flawless functionality across the system .

If you want to place a page contact form , so it very easy to create , and the page you connect it . Creating the form you see on so many sites on how many you need. And so it is in the content management system CouMeS everything.

We tried to simulate several situations making pages in CouMeS system and other systems such as WordPress , Drupal , Joomla and others, and the result was a pleasure for us .
That's what we wanted in the CouMeS like clockwork , so we are in other systems failed or not . If it was , it was only with great difficulty to understand . Otherwise, it was only by installing additional random plugins and experimenting with how they work.

The same experience has also some of our more experienced IT customers.


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Professional content management system

by IT experts


Professional CMS CouMeS. Allows you to easily and quickly create a professional presentation with a number of options of integrated options. Everything is integrated and linked together. Security against unauthorized interference in the content, or protection from attack is resolved silently.